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Hot Selling Kitchen Faucet Material Matte Black

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  • GH-6031-MB

  • GOWO

Hot Selling Kitchen Faucet Material Matte Black


Modern single hole small MATTE BLACK kitchen faucet can better improve the pleasure of using the kitchen. Just imagine , when you are busy preparing dinner in the kitchen and cleaning the ingredients in the sink, your family can use the Modern single hole small rose gold kitchen sink faucet to wash vegetables or cups, etc., which can enhance the harmony of the family and increase the utilization rate of the kitchen.

 Of course, you need to make room for two sinks in the kitchen. The advantage of kitchen Faucet is that it allows two tasks to be carried out at the same time, which improves efficiency. The kitchen Faucet is smaller than a regular kitchen faucet, so the sink should be smaller.

matte black kitchen faucet


has a wide range of finish options, utilizing various technologies: 

    Fully automated polishing and brushing plating line.

 Electrostatic powder coating line.

    PVD capabilities that allow for a vast range of different finishes.

Provide chrome, brushed nickel , matte black, gunmetal, brushed gold, rose gold surface and practically any other finish possible.


  • 【pull-out design】Pull-out faucet, it is more convenient to clean the sink, and the all-copper nozzle is used, which is more advanced

  • 【Healthy low lead brass material】Brass casting, no fading, no rust, no moisture, scratch resistance, wear resistance, strong corrosion resistance

  • 【SS 304 explosion-proof hose】The installation is simple, just tighten it by hand, the length is 60cm

  • 【American Standard】The kitchen faucet accessories we use must be selected in strict accordance with CUPC and NSF certified standards and low lead standards

  • 【Surface treatment】High quality ceramic aerator in line with international standards, more than 500,000 cycles of testing, to ensure long-term leakage free.A variety of surface treatments are available for you to choose from all of which pass the 24 hour acid spray test and are especially easy to keep clean.

  • 【Ceramic valve core】Ceramic valve core, silicone sealing ring, refuse to drip

  • 【Multiple Color】Such as chrome, matte black, brush rose gold, gun gray and practically any other finish possible

  • Include red/blue indicator


5-Year Warranty –Your purchase is guaranteed by a 5 years warranty and a 90 days limited return policy.So if you are not satisfied for any reason, please contact us by your Order ID, We will gladly take care of you!


You may find residual water in the faucet , that because we have 100% water test before pack

kitchen faucet

black kitchen faucet

matte black kitchen faucet

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