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With professional certification, a variety of specifications, GOWO adapts to the installation requirements of different regions.
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Why Choose Us?

Excellent service 
& advantage

We have a quality supply chain and smooth production process, as well as systematic quality management to ensure product delivery and quality


 We accept small orders or trial orders to test the market demand. Our MOQ is 20 pieces for each item in the beginning of our cooperation.


 With the customer's consent, our factory can laser the customer's logo on the product. But customer needs to provide us with a trademark use authorization letter so that we can print the customer's logo well on the product.

There is a high water product process and advanced production equipment in GOWO , to form a smooth production process.
The effluent soft and smooth, do not splash, and accompanied by bubbles, high water.
Products through 200 hours neutra salt spray test and 24 hour acidity.
With professional certification, a variety of specifications, GOWO adapts to the installation requirements of different regions.We can also satisfy the customer's local water flow requirements, providing the appropriate faucet for you.
Is the difference between ordinary leader we production is the selection of the leading high- quality environmental protection copper as drift cover the entire outlet.
R&D Support
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Time of 3d modle:3-15 days.
pull down kitchen faucet

Time of first samles 5-10 days
white kitchen faucet
Open mold :35-45 days

Research And Development Support

Support small batch customization, win-win cooperation
 The MOQ of Logo customization is 30pcs
 Provide free pamphlets for books
 Support color box customization, please consult for details
 Provide e-commerce photos and installation videos

Product Videos

We will show you the performance and outflow effects of our products as a video, allowing you to experience our products more intuitively.
Product videos has been updated to follow us to the latest faucet products.


Every year , we will design and update our product catalogs with our currently popular styles and new products.


This page can answer questions that you may have, or any general questions that you may encounter when using our products or asking about our services.You can find the answers you want here, or you can contact us through the contact information below.We are happy to help you with your problem


On this page, you can skim through the latest information and developments about Gowo or the industry.
A timely understanding of the trends in the industry can help us better understand the market to enhance competitiveness and bring a more cost-effective and popular faucet style to our customers.
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