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Why Choose Gowo?

Because of the passion of the kitchen faucet, our CEO Mr.Kwong founded Yuanxing Sanitary-ware 20 years ago and cultivated an excellent
 management team ,guiding our GOWO to the world.
Systematic Management
Gowo officially introduced ERP management system , optimizing the enterprise resource and laying a good foundation for enterprise management .
Price Competitive Price
The main body of the faucet is made of high quality zinc alloy or brass, and passed the national standard test. It has the same functions as a brass faucet, but at a more competitive price.
Excellent Service
Pre-sale data package sorting, the seller to consult customer service.After-sales guarantee, efficient treatment of after-sales problems.For common product problems, logistics inquiry, return and exchange and damage compensation problems, to provide professional customer service
Team Educated & Experienced People
GOWO has good experience in the faucet industry, with over 5 to 10 years of experience. We can customize products for you; please contact us for more details.
Delivery On Time
GOWO have a stable relationship with supplier,do not worry about the supply and delivery problems.
Strict Quality Standard
GOWO has strict standard on selecting materials and exactly control technology ,so that it can ensure stability of each product. Besides , for the purpose of guarantying reliable quality , it also tightly controls each production process, and takes full advantage of manufacturing technique and details.
Certifications Of Kitchen Faucet
Provide UPC & cUPC, NSF, ACS, ISO certification for each of our kitchen faucets.
After each new product, test and submit corresponding certification processing to ensure that each export product meets local requirements
ACS Certification (National Health Standard Certification) 
is a mandatory certification of the French Ministry of Health for 
all products in contact with 
population drinking water.
 NSF provides services to address relevant public health and environmental issues for the government, for the industry, and for the broad masses of consumers.
The Uniform Plumbing Code™ (UPC™) and Canadian Uniform Plumbing Code™ (cUPC™) are designated as the American and Canadian national standards, respectively.
The ISO is the world's largest international organization for standardization. It was responsible for standardization activities in all other fields except electrical and electronics.
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