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Millions of consumer goods, commercial and industrial products are NSF marked each year and are trusted by consumers, insiders and manufacturers for the years.The purpose of the NSF is to develop and implement management plans for public health, services, research and education environment.As a reliable neutral organization, the NSF provides services to address relevant public health and environmental issues for the government, for the industry, and for the broad masses of consumers.NSF technical resources include chemical and microbiology laboratories for testing equipment and analysis.The certification issued by the NSF is approved by the American National Standards Association (ANSI) and the Canadian Standards Board (SCC).
Meaning for NSF certificated
NSF is a neutral third-party certification of U.S. and international standards have been approved and certified by 13 national or industry authoritative organizations, including the US National Institute of Standards (ANSI), the US Administration of Occupational Safety and Health, and the National Standards Council of Canada.The NSF is a designated cooperation center for the World Health Organization (WHO) on food safety and drinking water safety and treatment.Products tested by NSF and meet NSF standards are authorized to use the NSF logo, so any authorized product with the NSF logo means that the product is confirmed as follows:

1. To achieve the ability in order to remove impurities from the ones marked in the product specification;
2. The materials that constitute the product will not add pollution components to the water in the process of water treatment;
3. Meet the design and production process requirements;
4. No structural and functional defects exist in the product;
5. The certification standards shown in the product advertising, sample data and identification are true and accurate.

The NSF certification system is of great significance to industry professionals, consumers and manufacturing units.The NSF, a credible, objective and independent third-party monitoring agency unanimously recognized by the public and the government, has tested and verified that the verified products conform to specific standards, indicating that the product with the logo is strictly tested and guaranteed to consumers.All units participating in the NSF certification system must be tested, retest and a third party inspection / audit, and the manufacturer must produce the products in accordance with the public standards.Standards include product manufacturing related standards, materials, design, process flow and other aspects.

At the same time, the NSF requires that if a company wants to print an NSF logo on a product, it must adhere to the strict NSF certification and authorization requirements.These requirements include initial and periodic testing and evaluation, and even assault inspections.If the logo is found to be misused, or the product does not comply with the demand, the NSF may seize the products and stock goods, or even destroy the unqualified products, blacklist, as well as recall, legal action, notification, cancellation of certification or other severe actions.The NSF represents the interests of all aspects, and will control the conduct of industry insiders, consumers and manufacturers, and supervise the implementation of policies and the authority of certification.

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