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What Is A UPC Faucet?
The Uniform Plumbing Code™ (UPC™) and Canadian Uniform Plumbing Code™ (cUPC™) are designated as the American and Canadian national standards, respectively. Ferness faucets are UPC/cUPC certified meaning they have been tested for safe use.

What is a UPC faucet?
UPC refers to uniform plumbing code, the unified plumbing product standard, is the authoritative certification of sanitary ware products entering the American market, and add "c" refers to the Canadian market, cUPC is the authoritative certification of sanitary ware products in the North American market, and the product scope of cUPC certification is the plumbing products exported to the North American market. The cUPC certification evaluates the certified products in accordance with the uniform pipeline specifications of the United States and Canada, and the specific certificates are issued by the IAPMO (International Association Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) agency of the United States.
The UPC is an approval from the Uniform Plumbing Code, that the faucet met the code standards.

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