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We Are The Professional In Kitchen Faucets

Yuanxing Sanitary Ware is specialized in manufacturing middle& high class kitchen faucet.Now,our company has a modern factory,production lines 

and advanced equipment with an area of 13500 sqm.

Specialist In Kitchen Faucet

Since the foundation, Yuanxing has adopted domestically and internationally advanced technology and production techniques in machining,welding,and polishing and chrome.
We have 15 years express in manufacture and faucet spout. Kitchen faucet is our most competitive products, we will design 7-10 new style kitchen faucet for every year, Now we got the ACS, CUPC certification.


What makes our kitchen faucet ?

About Material

Eight rigorous process professional to lead, to form a permanent lead protective layer, low lead and reach the standard of drinking water.

About Inside

The unique core in the closed environment of a ceramic alloy production and advanced, and coated with a lubricant coating special, and special ceramic surface oil storage tank is designed to ensure that the products used for many years and also smooth as ever, regulate the operation is more accurate and comfortable.

About Outside

Special five layer plating process, let each products are as bright as a mirror, extremely deep plating, copper plating, and the molecular structure of the coating, chrome and other closely,can prevent dust and pollution, and it can resist scratching, never fade.

About Flow

Design of special foaming foaming device, overcomes the drawbacks of traditional water more flow more, when the flow is constant water pressure more than 0.14Mpa, can save more than 30% of water resources.Drift cover the entire outlet, the effluent soft and smooth, do not splash, and accompanied by bubbles, high water. Products through 200 hours neutral salt spray test and 24 hour acidity.
Benefit Of Choosing Us
  • 00
    Price competitive price​​​​​​​
    The main body of the tap is made of high quality zinc alloy, and passed the national standard test.
    It has the same functions as a brass faucet, but at a more competitive price.
  • 002
    Excellent service​​​​​​​
    Pre-sale data package sorting, the seller to consult customer service.After-sales guarantee, efficient treatment of after-sales problems.For common product problems, logistics inquiry, return and exchange and damage compensation problems, to provide professional customer service
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    Delivery on time​​​​​​​
    We have a relationship stab;e supplier,do not worry about the supply and delivery problems
  • 004
    Strict quality standard​​​​​​​
    Yuanxing sanitary wares has strict standard on selecting materials and excatly control technology ,so that it can ensure stability of each product. Besides , for the purpose of guarantying reliable quality , it also tightly controls each production process,and takes full advertage of manufacturing technique and details.​​​​​​​
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